This blog we are highlighting Team #87 and their unpronounceable name! Driven by Chris Munger and sporting one of our favorite colors for this car. What is your team name and number this year? #87, FLÜGGÅӘNKб€ČHIŒßØLĮÊN I wanted a subtly funny team name, and anyone who has seen Eurotrip will get the joke. One of these days I’ll come up with a better one. How many Kannonball/Falls have you done? I’ve done two, and am signed up for two more. What made you want to sign up for Kannonball? Scott Christianson texted me and told me about it. I thought it sounded like a great activity to do with my son who was off at his first year of college. What car (make/model/year/color) are you driving on Kann

KannonBALLER Spotlight: #24 White Powder

Our team this post is an awesome duo and incredible rallyers. #24 Team White Powder is Driven by Matthew Wieczorek. He is driving this sexy white Corvette Stingray How many Kannonball/Falls have you done? This will be my third Rally! What made you want to sign up for Kannonball? My friend JJ originally introduced me to the Rally idea and it sounded really fun. I didn't get a chance to make it that first year and was at work all day. I work at a car dealership that was right along the route for one of the check points and heard/saw a ton of sweet cars flying down 35W and ran outside and it looked like an absolute blast. A Kannonballer with a Tesla stopped by to charge his vehicle and I chatte

KannonBALLER Spotlight: #3 Team Puzzles

Another installment in our regular-ish series highlighting our KannonBALLERS. Today, we learn a little more about Team Puzzles, driven by Colin 'Coco Bean' Johnson and navigated by Rhett 'Ratty Rat' Williams How many Kannonball/Falls have you done? OG!! Puzzles has done every Kannonball related event there is. Kannonball 1/2/3/4, Kannonfall 1/2, and came up with the idea for Cactusball What made you want to sign up for Kannonball? Our first rally experience was seeing the Goldrush Rally in Chicago. The next summer Kannonball was started. The rest is history. What car (make/model/year/color) are you driving on Kannonball this year? 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 “The Beast” in Black Mica with a healthy sp

KannonBALLER Spotlight: #6 WB Racing 2.0

This is the first installment in our regular-ish series spotlighting KannonBALL teams (Kannonballers) and their unique experiences around their cars and rallying. We think these are the greatest people around and are excited to show them off. This first team is a KB-OG (a team who has participated in every single KannonBALL). WB Racing 2.0 is driven by Teddy White who was also part of the 2016 Golden Kannonball Championship Team! How many KannonBALLS and KANNONFALLS have you done? All of them. What made you want to sign up for Kannonball? I was watching the movie Cannonball Run with Burt Reynolds for the umpteenth time and thinking people have got to be doing this kind of thing somewhere, ma

2018 KannonBALL Livery

Thank you to the amazing team at Creative Color Studio for the hard work they put in on this year's livery! WE can't wait to see our participant cars stickered up for the big rally day on June 2nd!

KannonBALL 2018 SOLD OUT

That's right, for the SECOND year in a row, The KannonBALL Rally has sold out ALL 125 spots! We could not be more excited and grateful for the most incredible car people around! Here's to another great year!

Welcome to KannonBALL 2018

For the fourth year in a row, Never55 Productions will be putting on the KannonBALL Fun Rally! The KannonBALL is the brain child of Tyler Christopherson, the creator of Minnesota Cars and Coffee (the largest monthly car show in the country) who wanted a way to raise money for his daughter's school, Northern Voices. Northern Voices (https://www.northernvoices.org/) is an incredibly unique school in Roseville, Minnesota that teaches deaf children how to use their cochlear implants. This school takes zero dollars from government agencies and instead relies exclusively on donations and tuition dollars to support their mission. With this noble mission in mind and Tyler's childhood love of The Can

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