June 13, 2018

Since the very first Kannonball we have done a pre-party the night before rally day to give Kannonballers a chance to kick back with a beer and size up the competition. This year, the Kannonball Pre-Party was a massive success with over 70 (of the 134) teams in attenda...

May 27, 2018

Derek and Amy Van Den Top make up Team Rally Life and are a couple of rally veterans. We can't wait to see what they bring out to KB2018! 

What is your team name and number this year?

Team Rally Life  I think #27 not sure  

How many Kannonball/Falls ha...

May 24, 2018

KF and CB vets, Rally Beaver, is in our spotlight today! #10 is driven by Chris Russo and navigated by Kelly Sisco, we can not get enough of this hilarious couple :) 

What is your team name and number this year?

Rally Beaver, This name was created while on Kannonfall 20...

May 21, 2018

Nick White was part of the winning Golden Kannonball Team on Kannonball 2016! WB Racing in the house! 

What is your team name and number this year?

White Rice / WB Racing, um my number might be 21...

How many Kannonball/Falls have you done?

Yes, ps are we leaving out cactu...

May 19, 2018

Rally newbies Team #whatdidyousay are the focus of our blog today. #8 is driven by Jared Shasky and navigated by Jacqui Shasky. They may be a new team but this brother and sister team will be one to watch out for on KB18. 

What is your team name and number this year?


May 15, 2018

We are stoked to be able to highlight one of our fav veteran rally family teams, Forte Foursome, in our blog today! #44 is driven by Toby Iddings and his trusty co-pilots are Ann, Nathan and Matthew Iddings. Although, Nathan and Matthew have been known to take the occa...

May 13, 2018

Every year as part of the Kannonball Rally, Kannonballers leave the May Cars and Coffee show and Kruise around the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas. This year was our biggest Kruise yet with well over 40 cars in attendance! 

We rolled out from Canterbury at 11AM sh...

May 12, 2018

Deep Blue is driven by the Tang-a-nator, Alex Tang, and is navigated by Dan Schaefer. 

What is your team name and number this year?

Team Deep Blue, #42

Previously Team America World Police, #42 in 2017; Team Identity Crisis, #1337 in 2016

How many Kannonball/Falls have you...

May 12, 2018

KannonBALL veterans, The Rally Devils, are our featured team this blog. Rally Devils is driven by Eric Galler and co-piloted by Tom Whitney, they are a strong team and always a rally force to be reckoned with! 

What is your team name and number this year?

RallyDevils, #4


May 10, 2018

We are taking a closer look at one of our Kannonball Sponsors, Motowoz. These guys are a local company who do incredible work creating high performanceshock absorbers. 

What made you want to be a part of Kannonball? 

We’ve participated in a handful of rallies and we’ve a...

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