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KannonBALLER Spotlight: #42 Team Deep Blue

Deep Blue is driven by the Tang-a-nator, Alex Tang, and is navigated by Dan Schaefer.

What is your team name and number this year?

Team Deep Blue, #42

Previously Team America World Police, #42 in 2017; Team Identity Crisis, #1337 in 2016

How many Kannonball/Falls have you done?

2 KannonBalls… hoping to get a Fall in soon

What made you want to sign up for Kannonball?

I signed up on a promotion by Tony Oskooi, then got suckered in for good. Tyler then asked that I stick around for the diversity poster, so now there appear to be a few more Asians in the roster, but there’s a pretty good chance this whole sentence is a lie. (<3 you Tyler)

What car (make/model/year/color) are you driving on Kannonball this year?

Ford Taurus / 2015 / Blue

What is your most embarrassing car story?

I was really upset about something and took a fast turn into my apartment complex driveway and got my previous car (a Ford Focus) stuck high on a snow bank. I had to call a tow truck just to pull me five feet back onto the road. The tow guy didn’t even bother with paperwork and just took the $10 I had on me for a tip.

Tell us the story of your car, what made you want to buy this one?

I am a sucker for loyalty and a huge discount, and Ford Corporate has put food on my dad’s table for almost 25 years. I had to make a customer order and wait two months just for the color.

What is your first car related memory?

I once got the skin between my thumb and index finger caught in a hand operated window lever, in my dad’s Nissan Sentra that was brown outside and brown inside, vinyl interior. I think I was five. It was not pleasant.

What is your dream road trip car?

Depending on the road trip, it’s either an excessively large SUV like an Expedition/Suburban or a fun fast curve killer of a car that I’ve never driven. Of all the rental cars I’ve had in the last two years, it’s either the Audi A4 2.0T, Dodge Challenger R/T, or Ford Mustang EcoBoost. Top Gear and The Grand Tour make me want to pick up a Jaguar F-Type S though.

What is one thing you have in your car at all times and why?

A flashlight, because Molly said so a couple years ago, but it’s been a shockingly practical accessory.

What advice do you have for rally rookies?

Don’t overthink anything. And when in doubt, Hello Kitty.

Check out Team Deep Blue on KB18!

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