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KannonBALLER Spotlight: #800 Team #tealwithit

Our reigning KannonFALL champions, #tealwithit were kind enough to answer a few questions for our blog post today. #tealwithit is driven by Shane Sienko and co-piloted by Katie Nalepka.

What is your team name and number this year?

Well, I think we put down: Team-Teal with It and we chose number 800 because of our rally ghost car status....its spells BOO! lol

But we are a bit undecided to what car we will drive, so naturally I will bug Molly and Tyler multiple times to change our name and everything else! LOLOL

How many Kannonball/Falls have you done?

We had another family rally that took us out of the first couple, so we only have 2 under our belts (With 1 win I might add!) but we have been a part of every one of them in spirit or in help!

What made you want to sign up for Kannonball?

Cause we luvs all the peeps! Seriously tho....The Kannonball group is a very close knit group which I love. Plus Molly is the B's Knees, and Tyler wears vests....who does that!?

You only have $5000, what car do you buy and why?

I guess, I did that exact thing this fall, I bought a 1985 Mazda RX7 GSLSE! NO RUST, LIMITED SLIP, 5 SPEED AND ROTARY BABY!!! A 1st gen Rx7 was the 1st car I bought myself as a young adult. Little did I know how much of a bad rep these little Japanese sports cars get due to the issues with the rotary motor. Lucky for me I didn't have any real issues with my 1st one....but my second one was a different I'm on my 3rd!

You have $50,000 what car do you buy and why?

OMG, SO MANY CHOICES....But I really wanted the wife to fall into my trap and buy the new Kia Stinger! I think it would have been awesome to have been one of the 1st in our state to rally a Stinger! The new Alpha is sexy as F too, but the fast version is way more monies.

What is your favorite thing about your car?

Which one?! lol, I go thru cars like I go thru undies! But my favorite thing about the wife's G is its so non-descript and such a sleeper, with 330HP it pretty much keeps us in the game no matter what. (and comfy too)

What does dream road trip look like?

1st: Friends to share the moments with

2nd: Activity based destinations

3rd: A reliable and fast or capable steed


5th: Scenic Roads with various levels of challenges

6th: All the time in the world

Tell us your favorite memory from previous Kannonballs/falls?

Winning Kannonfall duh!!!!

Check out #tealwithit on KannonBALL 2018, if you can find them #rallyghosts :)

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