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May 2018 MN Cars and Coffee

While the April Cars and Coffee Show is the unofficial start to the car season here in MN, we were cursed with a prolonged winter, unexpected snow and freezing cold temps on April 7th. While the weather and the snow (and more than a little salt) did not deter well over 5000 people from attending April's event, the May Cars and Coffee was the biggest (and one of the best) we have ever seen! The weather was perfect and the cars were even better. We were especially excited to see the brand new Ford GT make an appearance at the Morrie's booth!

Check out some of the highlights below!

Thank you for all the wonderful folks who came out to enjoy the day with us. We look forward to it being even bigger next month and continuing to grow the biggest monthly car show in the country! See you all on June 2nd!

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