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KannonBALLER Spotlight: #999 Team Solo

Team Solo is an awesome team with a murdered out BMW, we are so excited to have them signed up for another the Kannonball! Team Solo is driven by Justin Thies and co-piloted by Jake Albrecht.

What is your team name and number this year?

We have been Team Solo for everyone of the Kannonball/fall rallies and I always just tell Molly to pick a number for me.

How many Kannonball/Falls have you done? I have done one Kannonball and one Kannonfall rally. I'm signed up for my second Kannonball rally this June and I am praying I hear from work before the Kannonfall from Sioux Falls to Deadwood is full

What made you want to sign up for Kannonball? I love to drive and compete against other teams. I love how the rally brings everyone together from all the different car communities

What car (make/model/year/color) are you driving on Kannonball this year? I've had my e92 BMW 335xi for years. Its not the fastest, nicest and far from the most expensive car in the rally but its all mine. I have modded it and customized it to my liking and plan on keeping it forever.

What is your most embarrassing car story? Probably when I rear ended my brother at 60 mph and totaled my first car

Tell us the story of your car, what made you want to buy this one? I have had other BMWs before this one but nothing that was turbo charged. I looked at a couple 335's and almost pulled the trigger on an E90 and I'm glad I didn't because this one had less miles and was black instead of a tan color and all sports cars should be two door IMO

What is your first car related memory? The movie "Speed Zone" opening scene cops are chasing a red Lamborghini Countach and I was about 9/10 years old and I thought that it was the coolest car in the world. From there I got into model cars and would spend weeks painting and putting together model cars with my dad

What is your dream road trip car? I've driven from MN to New Orleans and then to New York before and that was awesome. I've also driven from MN to Las Vegas on four different occasions. Now I'd like to drive to Seattle and then to southern CA over to FLA up the coast to ME and then back home to MN.

What is one thing you have in your car at all times and why? Radar detector, you can never be too careful and nobody wants a ticket

What advice do you have for rally rookies? Sometimes to go left you have to turn right - "Doc Hudson" No, but really have fun, bring maps and try not to get lost

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