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KannonBALLER Spotlight: #66 The Mopar Mistress

Today we are getting to know one of our incredible female driven teams. Megan is the Mopar Mistress and this will be her first Kannonball! #66 is co-piloted by Jaylin Lang.

How many Kannonball/Falls have you done? This will be my maiden voyage with these humans and I am beyond excited!

What made you want to sign up for Kannonball? I haven't always been able to do things like this. For a long time, I struggled harder than I needed to, gave more than I had to give, and lost my a little. There were a couple of times that I remember very well where another human took a moment to see I was stuck and helped throw me a line of hope. I want to do good things, drive fast cars, and be wealthy in love and happiness. I've observed this group as they made positive moves to improve the world around us all and THAT is definitely something that I would like to be a part of!

My step daughter started taking ASL in High School and is in her second year of it and she excels at it and has a passion for it so naturally this was a great way for her to give back and do good things through participation in this event.

You only have $5000, what car do you buy and why? Hmmm. This is a tough question but I would probably buy an R/T Maggie (Dodge Magnum) of some sort that I could spend time to build.

You have $50,000 what car do you buy and why? I'm steadily chasing the dream of owning a new Demon and I would throw all of that 50k at owning one! I'm hell bent on building my Mopar empire, 4 tires at a time. This car is my spirit animal, lol!

What is your favorite thing about your car?

For sure love spending some time in Track Mode but my favorite thing about her is that she draws people in and gives me that opportunity to talk to all different kinds of people. I love it when I hear someone tell me that it is their dream car because I'm quick to tell them that it's really not as far out of reach as they think.

What does dream road trip look like?

My dream road trip is definitely to be able to go for a run down Route 66 with a group of about a dozen or so other cars.

Tell us your favorite memory from previous Kannonballs/falls?

This will be my first, so it'll always hold a special place for me, I'm sure.

Check Megan out on The Kannonball Rally on June 2nd, 2018!

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